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Crime City Central No 32 Libby Fischer Hellmann

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    Coming Up

    Vote on the truth: A Quickie by Leroy B Vaughn

    Narrator: Antoinette Bergin

    Main Fiction: The Day Miriam Hirsch Disappeared by Libby Fischer Hellmann

    Narrator: David Cummings



    Enjoyed the quickie nice to be able to interact, but want to know the answer already. Thanks for the podcast, been great hearing stories I would have never picked up myself and exploring different authors.


    Mike Boris

    Jack et al,

    Still catching up on back episodes.  Just listened yesterday.  To echo Paradain, I like the new feature of the short short stories and the ability to noodle it out (sans Google).  Also, like Paradain, I’d like to find out sooner than the end of the season (especially since I don’t know when Crime Season ends).  Perhaps a month or six weeks to allow voters to get in…then let us know.  A follow up on the story, if it is indeed true…or a brief snippet on the inspiration or background on the fiction if it’s not.

    On another note…I’m sadly disappointed in the dearth of postings in these younger neighborhoods.  Perhaps this is normal and the there is a participation curve or some such.  Perhaps the poll will encourage posting.

    Carry on.



    Glad to help, Boris.

    I liked Hellmann’s ” The Day Miriam Hirsch Disappeared” very much.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much of the story didn’t cover the crime, but dwelled instead on the community and characters.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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