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    Tony, Jeremy,
    Don’t know if you’ve got this to hand, but would it be possible to look over the stories narrated in the last year and pick out any that were first published in 2015 and their word lengths?
    It’s Hugo nominating time again, and it would be good to know which stories I’ve encountered here qualify for what.
    Of course, if this isn’t something you’ve got it would probably take an age to extract, so no worries.


    Jeremy Szal

    Hey Nick,

    I don’t have that on hand, sorry. It would be pretty difficult and time consuming to go through them all and find the year and the word length, etc.

    The best thing I can recommend doing is googling the name of the story, for example, The Men of Greywater Station and adding isfdb, so you’ll come up at this website. It’ll tell you that the story is a novelette, it was published in 1976, etc. Basically type in “*insert story name here* isfdb” and you should come up with it.

    It’s sketchy, but it’s the best we can offer!

    On a side note, StarShipSofa is also eligible for the Hugo this year in BEST FANCAST. Just sayin’!



    Might be worth considering as a thing to log gone forwards – I know that Escape Pod publishes a list each year.

    FWIW, if anyone else is wondering, I could find these published (apparently) in 2015 on SSS. I haven’t yet looked at the other podcasts.

    Karma Among the Cloud Kings Brian Trent
    The Merger Sunil Patel
    An Immense Darkness Eric James Stone
    The End of the War Django Wexler
    Between Screens Zach Chapman
    Price of Allegiance Alex Shvartsman
    Redemption Awaits Mike Brooks
    Behind the First Years Stewart C. Baker
    Usher Jay Werkheiser
    12 and Tag Gregory Bossert
    A Forgone Conclusion Connor and Sylvia Spruck Wrigley

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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