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Meta-Tagging up the wazoo

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    Just spent about an hour meta-tagging the SantoroReads.com website. By the way, I’ve posted about 2,500 words of the 10,000 word story that provides the title for the upcoming collection “Drink for the Thirst to Come.” I hope some of you will stop by. Go to the site, click on Writing then choose, “Drink for the Thirst to Come.”

    Oh hell…just go here… http://www.santororeads.com/Site/Writing/Entries/2010/3/28_From_DRINK_FOR_THE_THIRST_TO_COME.html


    Josh Leuze

    Whoa, you’ve been busy!



    As has my one-to-one ‘consultant’ at the Apple store. By the way, there were people already milling about on Thursday eve in advance of today’s (Saturday’s) release of the non-G3 unfortunately-named but Boing-Boing-approved iPad.



    No, seriously. Go to the site. Read the segment from “Drink for the Thirst to Come.” Let me know what you think. PM me or drop the note here if you like.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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