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    Jeremy Szal

    Hi guys,
    Assistant editor and producer (of SSS) Jeremy here. Listen, the team at DoW have been talking and we feel that we’ve let the forums slide into negligence, something we aren’t happy to see happen.
    So starting 2016, we’re rebooting the forums. Every we’re going to post each week’s episode in the forums, just like we did before. Below we’ll have a discussion about the episode, the stories, the interviews, whatever. And we truly do what to know what you thought. Did you like it? Hate it? A bit of both?

    We all mean this, please do tell us. We can only improve on what we’re given from the fans and subscribers. So a discussion will be had! Every week we’ll post them, and we hope you guys will come along and discuss it with us, it’ll be great to see what you think!

    Take care, and happy holidays.

    Jeremy Szal


    Josh Leuze

    Awesome, I’d love to see some more life in the forums!


    Jeremy Szal

    Awesome, I’d love to see some more life in the forums!

    And that’s exactly what we’re going to do!
    Now we just need a way of getting all the people to come to the forums. Steal them all from the Escape Artists, maybe?



    Seconded and thirded 🙂



    This is great news! I’d love to see more life here.


    Jeremy Szal

    ^ Yes, so would all of us.
    One way to do that is letting people know there’s a discussion on and actively seeking their opinion on the stories and the episode at large. And not just the opinions we might like, either! There are always ways to improve.

    Let’s hope it kicks off!



    Hey guys! I’m glad that there is interest in reviving the forums. At one time, this was the best forum ever. No flaming, nothing divisive or derisive and interesting conversations!

    But, I see it was kind of short lived! The past 3 or so shows haven’t got a thread…


    Jeremy Szal

    Yeah, I saw that. I’ve been on holiday for the past month and was unable to post them. I asked Tony to do it…but it seems that he couldn’t be bothered for whatever reason.

    I’m back now, so I’ll definitely be doing it since no one else wants to.



    I’m not very tehnical (and perhaps this already exists) but would it be possible (or more accurately very difficult) to get the forums on an app like tapatalk?


    Alex Weinle

    Hi Jeremy – I remember from the far distant recesses of the first forum that there was a permanent “Introduce Yourself” thread (although probably called something a thousand times wittier). Which was always the very popular for noobs and nub cakes alike.

    Does the wordpress forum let you mark some threads as sticky?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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