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    Please pop over and have a look at the fantastic site designed by our very own Josh. Art was done by the amazing Ben Wootten and video put together by that man of mystery Kenny Park. http://www.districtofwonders.com




    That looks fantastic! And props to Ben Wootten for the gorgeous artwork.

    Now I will just have to lengthen my commute so that I can keep up with it all 😉



    Looks pretty. One thing I’m slightly surprised not to see (yet?) is moving the forums to be under the DoW banner, or even a link to them from the DoW page.


    All in good time Nick – we are slightly frazzled here at Sofa HQ just getting it out! We have plans for moulding all together but please….. anyone…. if you have some good ideas. Shout up and let us know – there might be something we have missed that’s a really neat idea.


    Looking forward to seeing how the District of Wonders develops. The artwork is stunning – Any chance of a Print being made available for sale in the shop?

    Time to get back to reading…



    Congrats! The artwork is amazing. Just gorgeous.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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