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Who's going to WorldCon in London?!?

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    OK, so I just bought my membership to LonCon3 in August and I’m super excited! Who else is going? I know Amy is, and I think our Captain Tony said he was going to go after all. But what other Sofanauts will be there? We have to organize a Kaffeeklatsch among ourselves! And don’t forget to inform us what exactly you’re planning on doing there, if you’ll be on any panels or organizing anything!

    I’ll probably be organizing some poetry events and may help out with some music stuff. We’ll see!



    I’m so looking forward to meeting you, Diane!

    Here’s what I know of my programming schedule:

    Friday, 15 August
    11am-12 noon
    Solo presentation: “Sherlock Holmes and Science Fiction”

    Saturday, 16 August
    12 noon-1:30pm
    Panel: “Commercializing Fans”

    Panel: “Young Adult SF on the Big Screen”

    Panel: “Young Adult and Middle-Grade SF”

    I’ll be officiating at the Prometheus Awards ceremony.

    Sunday, 17 August
    Solo presentation: “Millennials and Worlds Gone Wrong: These Aren’t Your Parents’ YA Dystopias”



    I will be, might even be on the registration desk for a bit.
    Hopefully Al Stuart, who presents Psuedopod and Escape Pod will be there as well, so hopefully there’ll be a chance of a podcasting get together.



    <Sigh.> I so wish.



    I started a thread on this subject a year or so ago when I joint:


    Yours however does have a better more relevant title.

    Was dissappointed to see all the books i read and enjoyed, none made it through and when I voted online did not get a vote accepted page just returned to the main page so don’t even know if my votes were counted!



    Just a quick PS to my schedule above: I’ll also be doing a Kaffeeklatsch on Thursday from 1-2pm along with Alastair Reynolds. If you’re at the con, please come by and say hello!



    Off to Worldcon, alas not much traffic on here to see who’s where. for me its George RR MArtin today and plan to do most of the plays (Anubis Gates, Mastermind, Terminal man) and both the live action roleplays (hopefully, last train is at 0.30 and one of them finishes at 1am)



    It was fantastic getting to meet so many Sofanauts at Worldcon! You guys are fantastic!

    So here’s my question: What cons are in your future?

    My next con appearance is in September: A Long-Expected Party.
    I have a few more planned in the next year. As for Worldcons, I’m not sure about 2015, but I’m 100% certain I’ll be at MidAmeriCon in 2016.

    What about you?



    ALas I didn’t get to meet anyone, would like to have met Tony but remember hi saying he wasn’t really into the social thing but may bump into him at the bar – well I don’t drink so didn’t even go to the bar. Had a great time, highlight for me was the Pull the Cosmic Trigger talk followed by a game of quidditch and SF Shorts II



    Such a shame that we missed you, Chrome! There was much more than just beer where we hung out. And (correct me if I’m wrong, Tony) Tony doesn’t like all the events and “crap”, but the socializing that’s right up his alley! It sounds like you had a great time! Hopefully, we’ll be able to meet up next time.



    P.S. I’m hoping Dublin gets Worldcon 2019, then that’ll be the next local one for me to go to.



    I won’t be making Sasquan/Worldcon this year, unfortunately, but I’ll definitely be at MidAmeriCon II/Worldcon in 2016. Anyone else?

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