Questions about the workshop?

Q. Who will benefit from these workshop?
A. Anyone who wants to improve their writing or narrating skills. Whether you’re just starting out on the path to write that book/story or you think you might just have that perfect voice for narrations – ┬áthere will be something in these workshop for you. You’ll be able to listen live to some of the best writers, editors and narrators in the SF and Fantasy industry, as they take you through many of the the pitfalls to avoid and techniques to use.

Q. How is it live?
A. You will log into a secure location on the internet and what you will see on your computer screen will be StarShipSofa’s computer screen, all in real time. We’ll use PowerPoint presentations for all lectures and at the end there’ll be a Q&A where you can either type a question or using a mic ask direct – all live.

Q. How long will it go on?
A. Its planned to last between 1 and a 1/2 to 2hrs long

Q. What if I forget what I’ve been taught on the day?
A. Around seven days after the event, all attendees will receive an email which will contain a link. Click on this link and you’ll be taken to a private password protected page on the StarShipSofa site. From there you will be able to download a HD video of the whole event.

Q. Why are there two price tickets?
A. The early Bird ticket is there to encourage early booking. Tickets are limited.

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