Protecting Project Pulp 104: Ernest Bramah

Main Fiction: “The Coin of Dionysius” by Ernest Bramah, first published in The Strand Magazine.

Narrator: Jay Langejans.

“It is a Sicilian tetradrachm of Dionysius.”

“Yes, I know that—I have it on the label out of the cabinet. I can tell you further that it’s supposed to be one that Lord Seastoke gave two hundred and fifty pounds for at the Brice sale in ’94.”

“It seems to me that you can tell me more about it than I can tell you,” remarked Mr. Baxter. “What is it that you really want to know?”

“I want to know,” replied Mr. Carlyle, “whether it is genuine or not.”

“Has any doubt been cast upon it?”

“Certain circumstances raised a suspicion—that is all.”

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