Protecting Project Pulp 105: F. Paul Wilson

Main Fiction: “Sex Slaves of the Dragon Tong” (Part 1) by F. Paul Wilson.

Narrator: James Silverstein.

“You’ll find my Margot, won’t you?” Mr. Kachmar said. “Please?”

Frank Frazetta book covers.

4 thoughts on “Protecting Project Pulp 105: F. Paul Wilson”

  1. What is wrong with PPP? I find it hard to get to the new stories.
    I have to google them to find them. If I click on home or podcast archive, I get send back to story 103. Please can you fix this problem?

  2. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble, Roland – we have some occasional issues with caching on the site. It looks OK to me currently, but let us know if you have further problems.

    Do you visit the site each week, or do you subscribe via iTunes or the RSS feed? While the site is occasionally flakey, I’ve never had a problem with the feeds.

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