Protecting Project Pulp 106: F. Paul Wilson

Main Fiction: “Sex Slaves of the Dragon Tong” (Part 2) by F. Paul Wilson.

Narrator: James Silverstein.

“You’ll find my Margot, won’t you?” Mr. Kachmar said. “Please?”

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4 thoughts on “Protecting Project Pulp 106: F. Paul Wilson”

  1. Thanks for the tip Simon. The District of Wonders front page indeed works better for me.
    Love this story by the way, The Yellow Peril with a dash of Dashiel Hammet.
    All thumbs up from me.

  2. I agree Simon, James does a great job on the narration. I count this story as one of the best so far. It realy gets under your skin this one. Gruesome, just the way I like them.
    Can’t wait for the final part.

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