Protecting Project Pulp 111: Paul Chadwick

Final Episode:

Main Fiction: “Mistress of Snarling Death” by Paul Chadwick, first published in Ace Mystery, July 1936.

Narrator: Dave Lamm.

Stephen Demarest might have gone back from that barren, eroded wasteland, where those gigantic black dogs ringed him in a sinister circle. But the weirdly beautiful mistress of the great beasts fixed him with her strange, smoldering eyes—eyes that both attracted and frightened. And the attraction was greater than the fear.

9 thoughts on “Protecting Project Pulp 111: Paul Chadwick”

  1. Me too! I’ve been listening for the last two years! Horribly disappointed! Is this because there aren’t enough donations coming in? Have loved listening!

  2. Yeah, we’re sad to see it go too, Brittany – despite the great run.

    The main reason was expense – the money available in the District of Wonders (from donations or Tony’s other ideas) only stretches so far.

  3. Yeah, looks like it was Mark. Hop into the forums and let Tony know you’d like to access it – we’ll see if we can work out a way to make it accessible.

  4. The podcast files are temporarily unavailable, I am migrating these files to a new host and updating the links on the site, they should be back up soon!

  5. Have the archives been moved?
    If so, how may they be accessed?
    If not, is there a planned date for the relocation and publication of information regarding how to access them?

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