Protecting Project Pulp 41: Anonymous

Main Fiction: “The Queen of Wheats” by Anonymous, first published in I Confess, no. 25, Jan. 12 1923.

Narrator: Brandie Tarvin.

Maisie, between flips of the pancakes, started a game of “pretend” with the good-looking stranger, little thinking where it might lead them both!

Amanda McCall’s romance podcast: Rompod.

Artist Rodolofo Reyes: DeviantArtTumblr, prints at Dark City Gallery.

2 thoughts on “Protecting Project Pulp 41: Anonymous”

  1. You asked for comments at the end of this episode, so here’s mine: Not at all what expected. But I agree totally with you – it’s really interesting to hear what was going on in the Romance section and to hear what the conventions/assumptions for that time were. Please keep challenging us with the unexpected, and thanks as always.

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