Protecting Project Pulp 44: Carlotta M. Hardy

Main Fiction: “Wanted: A Wife” by Carlotta M. Hardy, first published in All Story Weekly, August 19, 1916.

Narrator: Goldeen Ogawa.

“I’ve got to have a wife inside of an hour.”

“A wife!” she repeated in a bewildered voice, “inside of an hour!”


She stared at him, a shade in her candid eyes, a hint of something in her face that made him stare back.

“Of course I haven’t known you long,” he stumbled on somewhat blindly, “but I wonder if—you’ll help me out.”

2 thoughts on “Protecting Project Pulp 44: Carlotta M. Hardy”

  1. I don’t have any evidence about the identity of Carlotta M.Hardy but it struck me that the story had some Wodehousian elements to it. I believe P.G. Wodehouse was working in America during the First World War so I wondered if perhaps it was a nom de plume? Just some idle speculation.

  2. Interesting idea – I’m not convinced, but I can certainly see what you mean by ‘Wodehousian’…

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