Protecting Project Pulp 49: E. Hoffmann Price

Main Fiction: “The Girl From Samarcand” by E. Hoffmann Price, first published in Weird Tales, March 1938.

Narrator: James Silverstein.

“Look at it! Just a rug, the first time. But live with it day after day. See the witchery sparkling in it at sunset. Catch yourself losing yourself in the thrill of its three hundred years, wondering that all the ecstasy ever lost in the entire world could be imprisoned in a rug.”

3 thoughts on “Protecting Project Pulp 49: E. Hoffmann Price”

  1. I like E. Hoffmann Price’s stories a lot. Especialy the Cthulhu/Lovecraft orientated stories and the Weird Tales/Horror stories. Great stuff, can’t wait for the next. Wish you guy’s would tell a story every night, or at least twice a week, but I’ll surely stay tuned……for the next creepy tale…
    I don’t know if it will work but there is a nice story by Clark Ashton Smith, Mother of Toads.

    But if it doesn’t work here is the Link to the Page.
    Scroll down to Mother of Toads and click on MP3.
    Regards and have funn,

  2. I tried the first link and it works,…Cool.
    Now I can give more links to stories in the same genres.
    Thumbs up for PPP.

  3. I can neither confirm nor deny our strong interest in Clark Ashton Smith, and particularly, that story. 🙂

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