Protecting Project Pulp 52: Eric H. Wilkinson

Main Fiction: “Mitafri” by Eric H. Wilkinson, first published in Sea Stories, August 1929.

Narrator: Josh Roseman.

Sailors, whose observation is necessarily keener than that of other men, and who have to name the wonders they encounter for future reference, have always called him the swordfish—when they did not call him something worse—and they have known him for a long time—a very long time.

3 thoughts on “Protecting Project Pulp 52: Eric H. Wilkinson”

  1. Anyone know if there might have been a specific person in mind at the end when it says the fisherman was an author? At first I thought it was an Old Man and the Sea reference, but of course the story is much older than that…

  2. SetarconeX, that’s a good question. I have no idea. As Simon mentioned, Wilkinson is a complete unknown to us, so there’s no clue what he had in mind when he wrote that.

  3. I guess the author had a good time writing this story… it’s incredible the scope of pulp fiction imagination… To write a story about a fish with such level of intimacy… Come on man!!!… That’s genius!!! Maybe the renowned and seccessful writer was the Alter Ego of Wilkinson himself… or perhaps Lovecraft chasing Cthulhu… who knows. The problem is that neither of them were worldwide renowned at their own time, and for Wilkinson, certainly not even now yet.

    Great narration!!!

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