Protecting Project Pulp 60: A. E. van Vogt

Main Fiction: “Letter from the Stars” by A. E. van Vogt, first published in Out of This World Adventures, July 1950.

Narrator: Josh Roseman.

It was just a peaceful correspondence between two lonely shut-in strangers — but the destiny of the universe was to depend on the answers!


4 thoughts on “Protecting Project Pulp 60: A. E. van Vogt”

  1. A really fascinating short master piece from a true GOD of the SF’s Olympus. I suppose that alien learnt that we humans are a very tricky species to deal with. Poor fellow… I hope he, while living on earth, take the time to read some stuff from Charles Darwin and adapt himself to our blue globe; in the same way the human will do it in his planet. Thanks guys for this one.

  2. サイト本当にしたい| | このトピックを理解する|} {について調べたいと考えています。 あなたが知っている 全体の多くそのほとんどハードへないこと私は実際(あなたと議論たい )(笑)へ。 あなたは間違いなく 新しいのスピン対象 されたことのために| |年間の数十年のためのの年齢のため。 優秀もの、ちょうど偉大!

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