Protecting Project Pulp 67: Philip K. Dick

Main Fiction: “Prominent Author” by Philip K. Dick, first published in Worlds of Science Fiction, May 1954.

Narrator: Nick Camm.

A novel method of transportation leads to extraordinary revisions.

1 thought on “Protecting Project Pulp 67: Philip K. Dick”

  1. Damnit!!!… After hear this tale I’m convinced that every god have been nothing else than pedestrians through a fourth dimensional tunnel, but between others dimensions or galaxies. It’s very hard to convey in a brief comment all the philosophical implications of P. K. Dick’s works, even with a short story like this one… All his genious!!!, his crafmanship to carry along an array of mind-blowing ideas within the framework of a good pace narration. I’m sure I’ll come back to it again and again through the fourth dimensional tunnel of Dick’s imagination.

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