Protecting Project Pulp 77: Robert E. Howard

Main Fiction: “Shadows in the Moonlight” (Part I) by Robert E. Howard, first published in Weird Tales, April 1934.

Narrator: Nick Camm.

‘Oh, I’ve dreamed of such a meeting as this, while I crawled on my belly through the brambles, or lay under rocks while the ants gnawed my flesh, or crouched in the mire up to my mouth—I dreamed, but never hoped it would come to pass. Oh, gods of Hell, how I have yearned for this!’

8 thoughts on “Protecting Project Pulp 77: Robert E. Howard”

  1. High there, Simon,

    I had some troubles with my computer so I’ve been off-line for a few weeks. Being back, I wonder why the podcast archive isn’t being updated? Congratulations on this awsome site.

    Roland from Holland

  2. Roland – yeah, the site caches some content very aggressively, so if you’re the first to look at it for a while, you might see an old version.

    Scott – absolutely. Fred’s a particularly huge fan, so we’ll always run a Conan story if we can. đŸ™‚
    And thanks for the feedback – I certainly can’t imagine it ever being practical to break a story into three or more parts.

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