Protecting Project Pulp 80: Florence Verbell Brown

Main Fiction: “Bride of the Dark One” by Florence Verbell Brown, first published in Planet Stories, July 1952.

Narrator: Fred Himebaugh.

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The outcasts; the hunted of all the brighter worlds, crowded onto Yaroto. But even here was there salvation for Ransome, the jinx-scarred acolyte, when tonight was the night of Bani-tai … the night of expiation by the photo-memoried priests of dark Darion?

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  1. For all you pulp fans, go and look at SFFaudio they have some good pulp stories as well.
    I hope Simon doesn’t mind me giving links to other sites with a few good pulp stories like this one: REH – The Hills of the Dead. A Solomon Kane story.

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