Protecting Project Pulp 84: Edmond Hamilton

Main Fiction: “Child of Atlantis” by Edmond Hamilton, first published in Weird Tales, December, 1937.

Narrator: Fred Himebaugh.

What brooding shape of horror dwelt in the black castle that topped the sinister island?

3 thoughts on “Protecting Project Pulp 84: Edmond Hamilton”

  1. Dear Simon,
    In this show (PPP84) you droped the name Seabury Quinn as one of the most prolific writers in the Weird Tales Magazine, together with Edmond Hamilton. As it happends, I am Dying for a good Seabury Quinn story. So I pray you have such a story planned for the near future.
    Best Wishes to everyone at PPP, TTT, &, CCC,
    Roland from Holland

    Extra free Pulp – Conan “Beyond the Black River”

  2. Hi Roland, thanks for those story links.

    I’m happy to report the we do have a Seabury Quinn story on the horizon. 🙂

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