Protecting Project Pulp 87: Abraham Merritt

Main Fiction: “Through the Dragon Glass” by Abraham Merritt, first published in All-Story Weekly, November 24, 1917.

Narrator: Fred Himebaugh.

It took your breath away, the first glimpse of the Dragon Glass. Yes, and the second and third glimpse, too—and every other time you looked at it.

1 thought on “Protecting Project Pulp 87: Abraham Merritt”

  1. At last in this Pulp Temple a mass has been celebrated to worship one of its greatest gods: Abraham Merritt!!!… He, Along with H. P. lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith, formed my Holy Trinity of the pulp glorious Age. Since this very first story, Merritt showed his power to invoke a long forgotten time, a mythic and fantastic one: full of exotic beauty, magic and science, and of course: gods. In this story he put in motion too what will become a constant feature in his literature: a gorgeous woman of unearthly appeal. One can search in vain the whole history of the fantasy genre without find something so unique like the novel “The Metal Monster”… You’re hear me!!!… We’re speaking about a fucking civilization of 3D geometry figures, that attent to fix with their mathematic consciouness the twisted evolution of a Nature where straight line doesn’t exist… including mankind. So thanks PPP for this one.I’ve been looking for it for a long time… Now I feel myself like if I were in the other side of the Dragon Glass!!!

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