Protecting Project Pulp 90: Henry Kuttner

Main Fiction: “Spawn of Dagon” by Henry Kuttner, first published in Weird Tales, July 1938.

Narrator: James Silverstein.

An eldritch, fearsome tale of the worship of the fish-god in the ancient world, and the prowess of a doughty swordsman in old Atlantis.

Weird Tales magazine:

Cthulu Mythos art on Tumblr:

3 thoughts on “Protecting Project Pulp 90: Henry Kuttner”

  1. Great pulp expedition!!!… As the Atlantis’s legend goes, that means that the Spawn of Dagon won at the end. They could finally sink the continent. Incredible hypothesis about the fall of Atlantis, specially for its connection with the Cthulhu Mythos. Well… Along with “Child of Atlantis” by Edmond Hamilton, we got to new possible causes for the sinking of Atlantis… that’s pulp man!!!

  2. These are the stories I like best, thumbs up.
    But… I am waiting for a Jules de Grandin story.
    I mean we’ve had multiple stories by Bloch, Kuttner, R.E. Howard. Lovecraft, etc.
    But a story by Seabury Quinn iI haven’t seen yet. Quinn was one of the writers who’s made it regulary to the cover of Weird Tales. Please, please, dear PPP, let us hear some Jules de Grandin.
    Best of luck with this awsome podcast.
    From the Netherlands,

  3. Roland: thanks for the request. Keep your ears peeled, because a Seabury Quinn story might just be coming your way in a couple of months. In fact, due to the demand for Quinn (you’re not the only one), I’m considering scheduling one of the longer stories I’ve been avoiding until now. It seems like the tolerance for multi-part stories is higher among PPP listeners than I originally thought.

    Thanks, gentlemen, for the appreciative comments!
    -The Editor

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