Protecting Project Pulp 94: Robert E. Howard

Main Fiction: “Queen of the Black Coast” (part 1 of 2) by Robert E. Howard, first published in Weird Tales, May 1934.

Narrator: Robert Crandall.

On the raised platform in the bows stood a slim figure whose white skin glistened in dazzling contrast to the glossy ebon hides about it. Bêlit, without a doubt. Conan drew the shaft to his ear—then some whim or qualm stayed his hand and sent the arrow through the body of a tall plumed spearman beside her.

Cover art: Project Gutenberg.

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  1. When you think the second part will be avaiable?
    For weeks now, every time I watch PPP I get “Queen of the Black Qoast” part 1.
    Please update PPP.

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