Protecting Project Pulp 95: Robert E. Howard

Main Fiction: “Queen of the Black Coast” (part 2 of 2) by Robert E. Howard, first published in Weird Tales, May 1934.

Narrator: Robert Crandall.

Cast in the mold of humanity, they were distinctly not men. They were winged and of heroic proportions; not a branch on the mysterious stalk of evolution that culminated in man, but the ripe blossom on an alien tree, separate and apart from that stalk. Aside from their wings, in physical appearance they resembled man only as man in his highest form resembles the great apes. In spiritual, esthetic and intellectual development they were superior to man as man is superior to the gorilla. But when they reared their colossal city, man’s primal ancestors had not yet risen from the slime of the primordial seas.

Cover art: Project Gutenberg.

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