Protecting Project Pulp 96: Ray Cummings

Main Fiction: “Stamp of Doom” by Ray Cummings, first published in Crack Detective, March 1946.

Narrator: Fred Himebaugh.

That set of stamps the murdered man had been mounting in his book when someone knifed him was worth dough. Anyone could have turned it over for a small fortune. Yet, the only pasteboard missing from the set was the cheapest single stamp in the lot!

2 thoughts on “Protecting Project Pulp 96: Ray Cummings”

  1. I think the best you can do to celebrate the one hundred episode or masses???, is to invite Dave Robison to share with us not only a favorite story of him, but to speak about his activities since he left the show. But if that would proof to be very difficult, then run a very special story, but you know, that again will proof to be very difficult, for everything pulp is special. Or make a show more non-fiction, that is, one essay like one, in which the values of pulp fiction, its sense of wonder and its status like the framework of moder speculative fiction in its energy, narrative structure, plots and ideas, can be analized. To understand why the pulp way of thinking is more than a movement based on academic and intellectual quests, like the New Wave, but a Mythic archetype of the collective unconscious… Well, something in that vein!!!

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