Protecting Project Pulp 98: Henry Kuttner

Main Fiction: “The Eyes of Thar” by Henry Kuttner, first published in Planet Stories, Fall, 1944.

Narrator: Rob Smales.

She spoke in a tongue dead a thousand years, and she had no memory for the man she faced. Yet he had held her tightly but a few short years before, had sworn eternal vengeance—when she died in his arms from an assassin’s wounds.

8 thoughts on “Protecting Project Pulp 98: Henry Kuttner”

  1. Are you gonna do something special with the ppp centenial?
    A Jules DeGrandin story maybe? That would be awesome….
    Let us know Simon, all the best,
    From Holland

  2. We’d certainly like to do something special for the centennial, but I can neither confirm or deny specific plans. 🙂

  3. I understand you can confirm nor deny any of your plans.
    But I vote for Seabury Quinn, as you would have expected.
    Though any of the weird tales, eastern or fantasy stories (like from Kuttner or Bloch or E. Howard Price) would be much appreciated.

  4. The Seabury Quinn´s debate is getting hot here… And it stands to reason… We´re speaking about one of the true master of this genre. Indeed to reach the one hundredth episode without run a story from him is a sin hard to forgive.

  5. I picked up an old pulp paperback about six years ago. The art was ridiculous, the title, Doomsday Morning. Later I realized that the thing was by C.L. Moore and it totally floored me. There were a bunch of ads for Kuttner’s stuff in the back as well.

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