Protecting Project Pulp No. 12: C. Hall Thompson

Main Fiction: “The Eagle of Kuwahi” by C. Hall Thompson, first published in Indian Stories, Winter, 1950.

Narrator: Daniel Schwartz.

Referenced Content: The Robert E. Howard United Press Association.

“On came the greedy suckling pigs; those white men who’d do any wrong for a tiny pebble of yellow gold. With them as silent, wary protectors came the Blue Coats . . . and only Ruhaya and his father Tsahuni, the Cherokee’s fearless Eagle of Kuwahi, were prepared for the supreme sacrifice.”

1 thought on “Protecting Project Pulp No. 12: C. Hall Thompson”

  1. What a fasinating story!!! It’s more than another episode, really it’s something I was unconsciously hungry for.The prose got me into the history, mythology and the psychic relationship between the land and the folklore of the Cherokee people. The author portrayed in an almost mystic way the feeling not only of the protagonist but, I dare to say, of the landscape itself regarding the gloomy direction in which the tide of destiny, drove by the white people, was pushing them. And of course Dave, I totally agree with your final thoughts about the story as a whole: its literary values and its daring statement about US politics toward Native Americans and the classic role of white folks in the pulp literature. That was an exciting adventure meant to awake consciousness. So, thanks for this wonderful experience.

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