Protecting Project Pulp No. 14: Tim Powers

Main Fiction: “The Way Down the Hill” by Tim Powers, first published in the December 1982 edition of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, volume 63, no. 6 and later reprinted in Strange Itineraries. The author has generously granted us a one-time permission to reproduce this story in audio form.

Narrator: Fred Himebaugh.

Interview: Host Dave Robison and editor Fred Himebaugh interview Tim Powers, author of this episode’s story.

The rich, leathery smell of Latakia tobacco told me that old Bill was there, and I soon identified him by the long, blackened meerschaum pipe he somehow found again every time. The little girl puffing at it gave me a raised eyebrow.

“Saul, Laddie!” piped the little girl’s voice. “Excuse the nonrecognition. You were a gawky youth when I saw you last. Been doing anything worthwhile?

I didn’t even bother to give the standard negative reply. “I’ll talk to you later,” I said. “Got to find something for this beer to chase.”

Bill chuckled merrily. “They laid in a dozen bottles of Laphroaig Scotch in case you came.” He waved his pipe toward the dining room that traditionally served as the bar. “You know your way down the hill.”

6 thoughts on “Protecting Project Pulp No. 14: Tim Powers”

  1. The story turned out to be so literary that the apparition of the robot in it, struck me like a kind of spot on its silky and intimate first person narration. It was a wondelful experience, even if I’d like to see the rich concept of it spreading over a wider argument. For example, what kind of social and political changes the inmortals’ intervention did in the world’s history of the last two centuries. You know, only for conspiracy’s sake. The idea of a group of inmortals having a meeting only to get drunk, isn’t a fair treatment of them, really. What can I say about the interview?… Awesome!!!!

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