Protecting Project Pulp No. 20: Robert Bloch

Main Fiction: “Fane of the Black Pharaoh” by Robert Bloch, first published in Weird Tales, December 1937.

Narrator: Nick Camm.

Captain Carteret bent forward and peered at the queer, metallic thing. His thin, usually pale face now glowed with unconcealed excitement. He grasped the black object with twitching fingers.

“The Seal of Nephren-Ka!” he whispered.

7 thoughts on “Protecting Project Pulp No. 20: Robert Bloch”

  1. A pretty obvious end… But what the hell!!! It’s Robert Bloch for Cthulhu’s sake. I wouldn’t call info-dump to the historic background with which he fleshed the tale. In fact, it’s the better part of it, since the plot itself didn’t offer nothing that we can call Cosmic Horror. At least Captain Carteret died in the best place in miles.

  2. Wow! My first exposure to a Bloch ‘mythos’ tale, and it was great. Must see if there’s a collection of his mythos stories to buy. And such a wonderful narration, too. Best episode so far!

  3. Aloha Pulp Tribe! It was with a thrill I saw my art ( it’s called “Faster than Disaster”) still up on Protecting Project Pulp’s web site when a Robert Bloch tale was read! At first I was worried my painting of a hot rod racing away from an angry Tiki God was too weird… well… now I feel like a proud papa where his child has found a home that fully appreciates him! Thanks so much for the exposure! Now… if only we had tee-shirts…

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