Protecting Project Pulp No. 21: Cyril Plunkett

Main Fiction: “The X-Gas” by Cyril Plunkett, first published in Air Wonder Stories, March, 1930.

Narrator: Joe Sammarco.

The ship drifted lower and lower. Two ladders were lowered and they swarmed upward: hard, evil-looking creatures. All were heavily armed. The lives of the entire crew were at stake.

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  1. In the real world of the 1940s, the X-Gas stands for the atomic bomb. The inclusion of Brazil in the story tells about a very interesting geopolitics back in that fictional first half of the twentieth century. Cyril Plunket not only built a very well pace narration but it turned around a character with a realistic inner life. To me the true value of the story is the main character and his self-evaluation like any real and responsible human being. Of course, the narration of Joe deserve to be in a golden collection.

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