Protecting Project Pulp No. 22: C. L. Moore

Main Fiction: “The Tree of Life” by C. L. Moore, first published in Weird Tales, October 1936.

Today’s podcast presents part one of “The Tree of Life”; next week will bring the conclusion.

Narrator: Jeff Lane.

There was neither food nor water in these ancient Martian ruins, and Northwest Smith knew that it could be only a matter of time before the urgencies of his own body would drive him out to signal those wheeling Patrol ships and trade his hard-won liberty for food and drink. He crouched lower under the shadow of the temple arch and cursed the accuracy of the Patrol gunner whose flame-blast had caught his dodging ship just at the edge of Illar’s ruins.

1 thought on “Protecting Project Pulp No. 22: C. L. Moore”

  1. This looks like another pulp fiction’s promised land. It’s fair to bring the “craft” of Mrs. Moore into the spotlight, for her prose style is a spellbound. A great woman who broke into the pulp realm of men. She deserves more recognition both like a writer in general and like a female genius of the field in a more particular way. I mean, you don’t hear many female writers of genre fiction speaking about her as an influence, or about the change that her incursion in this branch of literature brought to it. It’s a happy coincidence that the cover for her story “Black God’s Kiss” was illustrated by Margaret Brundage, another goddess of the pulp age, and even now, one of the few female illustrator who have really sticked out in the visual aspect of the business.

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