Protecting Project Pulp No. 23: C. L. Moore Part 2

Main Fiction: “The Tree of Life” by C. L. Moore, first published in Weird Tales, October 1936.

Today’s podcast presents the second, concluding part of “The Tree of Life”.

Narrator: Jeff Lane.

A queer, penetrating light shining upon his closed eyes roused Smith by degrees into wakefulness again. He lifted heavy lids and stared upward into the unwinking eye of Mars’ racing nearer moon. He lay there blinking dazedly for a while before enough of memory returned to rouse him. Then he sat up painfully, for every fiber of him ached, and stared round on a scene of the wildest destruction.

2 thoughts on “Protecting Project Pulp No. 23: C. L. Moore Part 2”

  1. Simple amazing. It seems as if Thag’s mass was so heavy that curved the space-folds. The notion is of such a mind-bending nature, that I don’t have the feeling to have just hearing a story but gnawing some mushroom handed to me by Alice after her returning from Wonderland. This was a funcking thought-experiment that even nowdays challenge our imagination. The concept of the Tree’s roots like the connection of Thag to the material world and the especulation about the final destiny of the inhabitants of the twilight land ┬┐or dimension?… takes the breath out of anyone who happen not to be Einstein, Max Planck or Heisenberg. The narration of Jeff Lane was as hypnotic as the music of Thag.

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