Protecting Project Pulp No. 24: Lester Del Rey

Main Fiction: “Hell On Dirt Oval” by Philip St. John, first published in All Sports, August, 1949. Philip St. John was a pseudonym for author Lester Del Rey.

Narrator: Pete Fallico.

There wasn’t a damned thing wrong with Joe Baylor’s driving–as long as he had the track to himself. But when the glory-grabbers started to crowd in, Joe remembered the scarlet agony of his last crash…

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  1. The narration of this story is the very incarnation of the concept “in minutest detail”. It’s worth the headache I got trying to follow the beat to beat pulse of it. But the best thing of the whole experience, is that to expose ourselves to this other face of the coin of pulp fiction, that is… to stories that aren’t just SF/F, help us to win the citizenship in the pulp realm. So thanks to Project Pulp for the education.

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