Protecting Project Pulp No. 32: Ellis Parker Butler

Main Fiction: “The Experiment In Gyro-Hats” by Ellis Parker Butler, first published in Amazing Stories, June 1926.

Narrator: Logan Waterman.

The idea of a gyro-hat did not come to me all at once, as some great ideas come to inventors. In fact I may say that but for a most unpleasant experience I might never have thought of gyro-hats at all.

Check out the artwork for “The Experiment In Gyro-Hats” as it originally appeared in Amazing Stories, here on¬†

Read “Punch, Brother, Punch” by Mark Twain, or hear it read by Cory Doctorow.

3 thoughts on “Protecting Project Pulp No. 32: Ellis Parker Butler”

  1. Amazing Stories… or story. A very funny prose, and of course, like everything pulp the idea behind it was simple fantastic, what a manner to solve a problem and help humanity¬° The author missed to inform us how the hat dealer managed to take off the hat of his head the first time. Toward the end, there was a confusing reading of paragraphs. For the three paragraphs from the one that starts: “My dear,” I said, “let us pause and consider this case”, till the one that starts:”I figured that by six o’clock in the morning he would be sufficiently revolved…”, come first than the last three, starting with:”At six the next morning Anne, my wife, and I all went into the yard to stop Walsingham…” Even so, was a wonderful narration.

  2. This story made me LOL. It was just what I needed.

    Thanks so much for finding it and bringing it to me!

  3. Hi Odilius, thanks for your comment.

    I agree that some stories can come across more or less clearly as a narration – it’s always a challenge when you’re migrating something from a written format to audio because the clues visible on the page (formatting, typography) are up to the narrator to try to interpret and communicate.

    While I think it’s important to stick very close to the original text, I’ve often wondered what tweaks might be acceptable to increase the clarity of the narrated result – how would you feel about some small audio effects? Small editorial changes?

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