Protecting Project Pulp No. 38: Denis Plimmer

Main Fiction: “Man From the Wrong Time-Track” by Denis Plimmer, first published in Uncanny Stories, April 1941.

Narrator: Tim Maroney.

The statement which follows concerns the entire world, and for that reason I, Paul Dicey of Irving Place, New York City, am sending copies of it to the world’s leading newspapers. What I have to say herein must be considered carefully by all who can read, for in it may lie their salvation and the salvation of billions of their descendants yet unborn!

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  1. Interesting question, anonymous – there are quite a few references to ‘Dennis’ Plimmer around the place, particularly when in collaboration with his wife Charlotte. The version of this story that we have from uses ‘Denis’, though, so I’ve changed the post to reflect that. (For technical reasons I’ll leave the web address for this post as it was, though.)

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