Protecting Project Pulp No. 8: Captain S. P. Meek

Main Fiction: “When Caverns Yawned” by Captain S. P. Meek, first published in Astounding Stories, May 1931.

Narrator: Josh Roseman.

“I could kill you as you stand there; you into nothingness; but I do not choose to do so—yet. Other attempts I have made you have frustrated, but this time I shall succeed. I will institute a reign of terror which will bring your rich, foolish country to its knees. Listen, while I give you a taste of my power. The city of Charleston is about to be destroyed.”

2 thoughts on “Protecting Project Pulp No. 8: Captain S. P. Meek”

  1. Amazing Dave, I kept myself turning around the first surrealistic and mind-blowing minute of the episode for a good while, till I almost became a satellite. This is pulp. The writing desk of E. E. doc Smith!!!… The science it’s not base opon solid ground, but nonetheless the speculative explanation of it, the endeavor to figure out a problem and the final solution, was something Einstein would have enjoy back in that time.

  2. A chemist turned writer — and the science is even more cringe-worthy than that of E. E. Smith. The storytelling was good, pacing was great, I kept holding my breath… except for the times where the super-scientist was giving incorrect explanations for things known since 1880s. Yes, yes, this is pulp and let’s not judge it by modern politically correct standards I know.

    The Russian accent of the Evil Antagonist was deliciously well written. No need for contortions of the reader, the sentence structures alone were utterly sufficient. Me like.

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