Protecting Project Pulp No. 9: E. Hoffman Price

Main Fiction: “Live Bait” by E. Hoffman Price, first published in Alibi, April 1934.

Narrator: Steven Howell.

“They made the cover of the building with only a second to spare. A drumming rattle of bullets followed—splintering the door and the glass around them.”


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3 thoughts on “Protecting Project Pulp No. 9: E. Hoffman Price”

  1. Another shot meant to kill… and it aimed my brain. The narration pace of the story really didn’t pushed my senses with the speed I expected, being a story from the great Hoffman Price, but I managed to reach the end. The dialoghes weren’t so caching, but I don’t know for sure if it was because of the writting or the narrator’s voice.

    Hey Dave… Hoffman Price was too the only contemporary pulp writer who met Clark Ashton Smith. Here his recording of the experience:

  2. That was an interesting experience. Despite the grimness of the subject matter, this felt like a light-hearted listen. But consider the noir detective genre as a whole; those have a humorous touch, too. Nice.

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