Protecting Project Pulp 101: Harrison R. Howard

Main Fiction: “The Weight of Reputation” by Harrison R. Howard, first published in Adventure, March 30 1920.

Narrator: Shawn Robertson.

When, at the fag end of a beautiful August day, he tracked his quarry to a homestead in a pine clearing he did not attempt to carry the stronghold by heroic measures, but seated himself in safe thicket at the clearing’s edge and calmly waited for darkness.

Protecting Project Pulp 88: Gordon Young

Main Fiction: “Bogus Gems” by Gordon Young, first published in Adventure, December 18, 1919.

Narrator: Bryan Lincoln.

The casket did not belong to me. But I had as good right to it as the man I took it from.

Protecting Project Pulp 81: W. C. Tuttle

Main Fiction: “Shepherds For Science” by W. C. Tuttle, first published in Adventure, March 3, 1920.

Narrator: Stephen Howell.

Me and Dirty has abandoned the idea of finding gold where she ain’t, and right now we’re herding our sore-footed jassacks towards the flesh-pots of Piperock town.

Protecting Project Pulp 56: H. A. Lamb

Main Fiction: “Rose Face” by Harold A. Lamb, first published in Adventure Magazine, March 3, 1920.

Narrator: Lewis Morgan.

Where is the man who knows what is hidden in the heart of a woman?

Protecting Project Pulp No. 25: Russell A. Boggs

Main Fiction: “Agent Andy” by Russell A. Boggs, first published in Adventure Magazine, August 3, 1919.

Narrator: Tim Maroney.

“You remember what I told you last Spring. You’ve been absent from your office for at least forty-five minutes this afternoon. I know, becuase I was at the station waiting. You’re done—fired.”