Skeet Scienski

skeetSkeet Scienski has drawing in his veins. He can’t donate blood – all that comes out is ink. Over the years he’s been involved in various projects from graffiti banners for local radio stations to tattoos for bikers and babes; from Innova discgolf art at to computer illustrations for Contact him at or visit his website at

Adam Koford

Adam-KofordAdam Koford is an improbably prolific cartoonist who has been involved in several projects, including 700 Hoboes and Conan vs. Bear. He has been featured on Boing Boing TV and is a regular contributor to He resides in Utah. His work can be found at

Bob Byrne

bob-byrneBob Byrne is a writer and artist for 2000ad. His comics and books can be found at

Stephen G. Boehme

Stephen G BoehmeStephen G. Boehme is a high school art teacher who runs a small pottery out of his home in Salt Lake City, Utah. He spends his time biking, fishing and drawing with his wife and three children. Stephen listens to sf podcasts and audio-books to make his long commute to work bearable. He has always had a desire to illustrate Science fiction and fantasy books. You can view more examples of his artwork at

Jouni Koponen

Jouni-KoponenJouni Koponen is a Finnish graphic designer and freelance illustrator. He is probably best known for his peculiar sense of humor and his collaborations with Neil Gaiman (illustrations and layout for ‘Shoggoth’s Old Peculiar’ chapbook, ‘Study in Emerald’ poster and ‘The Day the Saucers Came’ poster… among other things) If you want to know more about Jouni go to, Twitter, or Facebook.

Anton Emdin

anton_emdinAnton Emdin has drawn for numerous magazines, including Rolling Stone, People, Penthouse, and MAD. As well as doodling comic art and cartoons, he works with the Drawing Book illustration agency to produce character design and illustrated type for commercial projects. When he’s not drawing Anton relaxes in his jelly-filled, Olympic-sized swimming pool, being fed meat pies and beer by buxom beauties bearing bare breasts beneath brown bearskin bikinis. He is also a fan of alliteration, but hates swizzle sticks. You can view more of Anton’s work at