Aural Delights No 43 Michael Marshall Smith

September 24, 2008 by StarShipSofa

Aural Delights No 43 Michael Marshall Smith

Poetry: Heavy Weather by Bruce Boston 08:25

Flash Fiction: Like The First Morning by Cyril Simsa 12:00

Fact:  September Science News by Jim Campanella 29:50

Main Fiction:  The Seventeenth Kind by Michael Marshall Smith 16:37

Narrators: Paul Campbell, Julie Davis,


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  1. […] That was until I heard the science fact article produced by the StarShip Sofa‘s regular contributor, J.J. Campanella.   For those of you who don’t know, The Starship Sofa is an audio fiction magazine feature science fiction.  It is the first podcast ever to win the Hugo Award (one of the highest honors in sci-fi).  In addition to poetry and fiction stories, editor Tony C. Smith invites contributors to provide fact articles on a variety of topics in which they are expert.  J.J. Campanella is a working biochemist who regularly submits science fact articles.  His contribution to this topic was truly bone chilling.  Start listening at about 21:00, even though it says 29:50 (misprint): […]