Aural Delights No 45 Paolo Bacigalupi

October 8, 2008 by StarShipSofa

Aural Delights No 45 Paolo Bacigalupi

Flash Fiction: Reality 2.0 By Ian Creasy 4:00 Shimmer Interview

Flash Fiction: I’m a Stranger Here Myself by Mack Reynolds 09:40

Fact: Fiction Crawler No 2 by Matt Sanborn Smith 24:20

Main Fiction: Pump Six by  Paolo Bacigalupia 34:00

Narrators: MCL, Lawrence Santoro, Grant Stone

Links to The Fiction Crawler No 2

Old Tingo’s Penis by Geoffery Landis
Prince of Christler-Coke by Neal Barrett, Jr.
The Scalp Hunter by Robert E. Howard
Antickes and Frets By Susanna Clarke
The People of Sand and Slag
by Paolo Bacigalupi Http://
The Featherless Chicken By Patrick Scott Vickers


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