Aural Delights No 159 Pat Cadigan & Jason Sanford

October 19, 2010 by StarShipSofa

Coming Up This Week 00:00

Announcements: Larry Santoro on StaShipSofa Stories Vol 2 02:27

Fact: Fiction Crawler by Matthew Sanborn Smith: 10:40

Main Fiction: Life on Earth by Pat Cadigan 20:10

Fact: Looking Back at Science Fiction by Amy H Sturgis 01:09:00

Serial: Sublimation Angels Pt 2 by Jason Sanford 1:26:30

Fact: Everything by Morgan Saletta 02:01:26

Promo: Schlock Magazine 02:13:39

Narrators: Cheryl Martin, Josh Roseman

Fiction Crawler Links:

In Pacmandu by Lavie Tidhar

Michelangelo’s Chisel by Christopher Miller

The Strega Cristobel and the Old Rattler Ken by Larry Santoro

Daughter Earth by James Morrow Pt 1

Daughter Earth by James Morrow Pt 2

Elegy for a Young Elk by Hannu Rajaniemi

Yellow Card man by Paolo Bacigalupi


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