StarShipSanatorium No 45 TV/Film Script Video Workshop

April 4, 2011 by StarShipSofa
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StarShipSofa is proud to present:

TV/Film Script Workshop.
(Sunday 8th May 5pm to 7pm GMT)

I’m really excited about this workshop because it will be run by Marc Zicree.

Scheduling Conflict? See Important Note Below!!!!

Mark has had a huge amount of success in the business of Film and TV scripts and he’s going to tell you exactly what to do, in order to get your script in front of leading producers in the industry. Marc has had a successful career as a writer-producer in film and TV, selling over 100 teleplays, screenplays and pilots to every major studio and network, including landmark stories for such shows as STAR TREK– NEXT GENERATION, DEEP SPACE NINE, FRIDAY THE 13TH–THE SERIES, TWILIGHT ZONE, BABYLON 5, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, FOREVER KNIGHT, SLIDERS and (yes) HE-MAN and THE SMURFS.

Marc was also nominated for both the Hugo and Nebula awards for “World Enough and Time,” a new STAR TREK episode starring George Takei that he co-wrote, directed and executive produced.

And he also wrote the story that would eventually become Far Beyond The Stars from Deep Space 9 – a truly amazing story set in 50’s America with all issues of race and politics, all mixed with the pulp magazine industry. If you have not seen that particular show I highly recommend it.

These are just some of the things Marc will teach in the TV/Film Script Workshop:

How to conceive, write and sell a script to television and/or film
How to conceive, pitch and sell a TV series
How to target the buyers and get them to pay attention
How to build a franchise in TV, film and other media (including books,
internet, comics and radio)
How to meet and get mentored by the top people in film and TV
How to write spec scripts for, pitch and get hired on staff on a TV show
How to build the continuing career once you’ve made that first sale
Why now is the best time ever to be writing science fiction for film and TV
What to do with the millions you’ll earn

Scheduling Conflict?
If you really want access to this information but you can not make it to the live session, go ahead and sign up for the session. Everyone who is signed up for this webinar will be given access to Video and Audio recordings of the entire session the week following the webinar.



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