Would you like StarShipSofa to put out a FREE monthly StarShipSofa eMagazine as an accompaniment to the audio show?

October 19, 2011 by StarShipSofa

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  1. Would it distract from producing the audio show?
    Actually, transcripts of the text articles would be vaguely nice to have to refer back to. I wouldn’t really want printouts of the stories, but I wouldn’t expecially want to deny them to others.

  2. I voted “no” because there was no middle option for no opinion –

    while I am in no way opposed to the idea, I personally would not be likely to read it. The audio version of the sofa is valuable to me because of the way I use it – typically at work, which for me is often solitary and conducive to podcast listening. In other circumstances, the emagazine would have enough competition for my attention that it would rarely be read by me, and if there are a lot of other people who use the Sofa similarly, I’d hate to have the good people there put the labor into making the emagazine. But if a lot of people do want it, then that would be great.

  3. Wow, would you have transcripts of Amy H Sturgis’ excellent essay on genre history?
    Voted “yes”

  4. What Chris Hutson said: I, too, value the sofa for what it presents in audio alone. I consume it while jogging, working in the garden, or doing the dishes. When I find time to read, I turn to novels rather than short stories or fact articles.
    Before investing lots of energy into a print version, also remember the fate of the transscripts: lots of effort invested, little or no interest in the finished product, IIRC.

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