StarShipSofa No 274 Jerry Oltion

January 30, 2013 by acpracht

Coming Up

Short Fiction: “Canto MCML” by Lewis Shiner 08:00

Fact: Science News by J J Campanella 18:00

Main Fiction: “In the Moment” by Jerry Oltion 46:30

Narrators: Veronica Giguere Amy H. Sturgis


  1. Hi, Everyone,

    Assistant Editor Adam Pracht here.

    I just wanted to share this note that I got from Jerry Oltion:

    “I checked out “In the Moment” on your latest podcast and was very pleased with it. Please extend my thanks to Amy Sturgis for her great narration, and to everyone involved in the production. As always, I’m proud to be part of Starship Sofa again.

    Jerry Oltion”

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