StarShipSofa No 283 Chris Willrich

April 3, 2013 by acpracht

Coming Up

Fact: Looking Back at Genre History by Amy H Sturgis 03:50

Main Fiction: Waiting for a Me Like You by Chris Willrich 19:30

Interview: Steve Davidson Amazing Stories

Narrator: Jonathan Danz




  1. Congrats on the Hugo nomination!

    Thanks for a great show.


  2. StarShipSofa No 283
    Amy Sturgis is a national treasure. So good to hear her explain what I have been experiencing during my 66 years traveling around the sun.

    Waiting for a Me Like You by Chris Willrich- this is really good scify and I think he has a winner here. It reminded me of Arthur C. Clarke- he has good creativity. It was a good story that seemed a little predictable in the beginning, but wow what a ride.

    Please keep the sofa going. Sci fy is so rich right now, It has never been so accessible and I find this to be the real golden age – so many writers out there. One out of 50 stories are masterpieces.

    I love your site.

  3. Thanks Fran and Tuttle!
    Much agreed on Amy. It’s funny how often our segments run in parallel (with NO coordination, for the record).
    Chris really struck me with that one, too, so I was really pleased he agreed to have us run it. And Jonathan’s narration was spot-on.
    This is something I love about being assistant editor – I get to hear the Sofa before anyone else. 🙂