StarShipSofa No 294 Caroline M Yoachim

June 19, 2013 by acpracht

Coming up…

Fact: Everything by Morgan Saletta 03:50

Main Fiction: Philosophy of Ships by Caroline M. Yoachim 30:50

Narrator: Graeme Dunlop @Kibitzer


  1. I have always found it especially amusing how Romero’s “ghouls” are the EXACT opposite of Haitian zombies, which are submissive and obedient vegetarians . . . .

  2. Are they vegetarians? – I thought they just weren’t allowed to eat salt, but maybe it’s meat too- I’ll have to check. Not that it matters really ; )

    But yes, the differences are amusing. I find it amusing that so many people get a bee in their bonnet about 28 Days later not being a zombie flick when Romero’s film wasn’t either if you want to be blindly nit picky about definitions. Like I said, the whole genre is a hybrid. Why it’s fascinating. Glad to see someone was listening, it’s always nice to have comments.


  3. You’re right- no salt or meat- as in Seabrook’s story in the Magic Island….

  4. Not bad! 😉 We have Zombiefest in Lincoln this weekend so it was a nice way to get jazzed up for the whole thing.

    Shared with the ZRS Omaha group as well. Thanks guys!

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