StarShipSofa No 313 Josh Roseman and Michelle Marquardt Enhanced

December 26, 2013 by pfischer
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Two stories based on “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.”


Main Fiction 1: “Greener” by Josh Roseman – 02:42

Josh Roseman (not the trombonist; the other one) lives in Georgia (the state, not the country). His writing has appeared in Asimov’s, Escape Pod, and the Crossed Genres anthology Fat Girl in a Strange Land. His fiction has been reprinted by the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine and StarShipSofa, and his voice has been heard on two Escape Artists and all four District of Wonders podcasts. He is a 2013 graduate of the Taos Toolbox writing workshop. When not writing, he mostly complains about the fact that he’s not writing. Visit him online at, or follow him on Twitter @listener42.

Fact: Film Talk by Dennis M Lane – 50:03

Main Fiction 2: “Always Greener” by Michelle Marquardt – 55:35

Michelle Marquardt lives in the Blue Mountains with her husband and two children and works as a veterinarian. She is the author of the novel Blue Silence (Random House 2002) and a number of short stories. She was co-editor, with Bill Congreve, of The Years Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy,volumes one to four (MirrorDanse Books).

Outro – 1:44:46

Narrators: Pete Piazza and Ibba Armancas

Ibba Armancas is an emerging filmmaker from Seattle, WA.  She was raised by historical swordfighters, and despite their protests for martial and historical accuracy, the experience forever tied her to the fantasy/science fiction genres. She’s had a script at the Austin Film Festival, and in 2012 won the Jeff Arch Screenwriting Award. She is currently in postproduction for her first feature film, a dark fantasy set in the Pacific Northwest.



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