A little help with 2014 Campbellian Anthology

February 3, 2014 by Tony C. Smith
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A few days ago I got an email from Bruce Bethke. Here is said email:

Hi Tony,

M. David Blake’s 2014 Campbellian Anthology is (at last!) released. This mighty magnum opus is now available for download at the following links — and best of all, it’s not merely FREE, it’s *DRM-FREE*. Featuring more than 860,000 words of fiction by 111 authors, the 2014 Campbellian Anthology is….big. Really, really, big.


I was more than happy to help Bruce and fingers crossed I can get an interview up soon with the editor M. David Blake. Two days later I get another email from Bruce… and I just had to smile – a writers dream turned into a nightmare! Here is said email:

The 2014 Campbellian Anthology has surpassed “monster” and become a freakin’ kaiju. Nearly 9,000 downloads in the 24-hour period that ended at midnight GMT. More than 2,800 downloads in the hour and 15 minutes since.

Any chance you’d be willing to host a copy of the files? I’m worried that our web server won’t hold up under the strain.


Now I don’t get many of those email. I bet every budding writer would love to experiance server overload.

So, the StarShipSofa has stepped in and we are now helpling to take the strain off Bruce’s servers. And here’s why its good thing. Everyone appearing in this book agreed to waive all fees, and some even had to get their publishers to waive embargo clauses and the like — and the best part is, this book is not merely free, it’s DRM-FREE.

But it’s only available until the close of the Hugo voting period. So, grab your copy now!

Sorry, the anthology is no longer available!



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