StarShipSofa No 328 Robin Wasserman

March 12, 2014 by acpracht

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Fact: Looking Back at Genre History by Amy H. Sturgis 03:00

Introduction to “The End is Nigh” – Vol. 1 of “The Apocalypse Triptych” Edited by John Joseph Adams and Hugh Howey 16:20

Main Fiction: “The Balm and the Wound” by Robin Wasserman 22:00

Robin Wasserman is the author of several books for children and young adults, including The Waking Dark, The Book of Blood and Shadow, the Cold Awakening Trilogy, Hacking Harvard, and the Seven Deadly Sins series, which was adapted into a popular television miniseries. Her essays and short fiction have appeared in several anthologies as well as The Atlantic and The New York Times. A former children’s book editor, she is on the faculty of the low-residency MFA program at Southern New Hampshire University. She lives and writes (and frequently procrastinates) in Brooklyn, New York. Find out more about her at or follow her on Twitter @robinwasserman

Narrator: Jack Kincaid

Jack Kincaid is a multitalented creative person. He is an author, an audio producer, a voice actor, a sound designer, and a pragmatic musician, among other things.

He writes speculative fiction with an emphasis on the strange, the eerie, and the mysterious. Having amassed a bank of long-form works, he is an experienced novelist, but did not pursue publication for many years. He has since returned to his novel work and is in the process of revising the works in his bank.

Recent ebook releases on include the science fiction novelette, THE SOUND OF SILENCE, and his horror novels, HOAD’S GRIM and KALTENGANGER (Kindle | Nook | Kobo).

Though short stories are unusual events for him, he had a handful published in such venues as Insidious Reflections Magazine, Surreal Magazine, and the paperback anthology ‘Exit Laughing’ from Hellbound Books.

Founder of Slipgate Nine Entertainment, Jack is the producer and creator of the modern-styled audio drama series “Edict Zero – FIS”. Taking his first big step into the realm of science fiction, he has cultivated this cyberpunk tale since early 2010. He hopes his writerly and actor instincts, combined with his interests in music and the art of sound in all its forms, will be the perfect storm for his new creative pursuits with the modern style of audio drama.

He is also known for the horror podcast audiobook drama, “Hoad’s Grim” (2008-2009), and as an influential figure in the art of machinima with his early alter-ego work, “The Seal of Nehahra”, a three-plus hour machinima piece that was released in 2000 with an multi-episode game add-on for Id Software’s “Quake” (1).

A diverse voice actor with a theatrical background, he has played a multitude of roles in his above-mentioned endeavors. His voice and music have also appeared in various other podcasts (including “The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy” and the “Lightspeed Magazine” podcast); other audio drama shows (such as ’19 Nocturne Boulevard’ and ‘Lightning Bolt Theater of the Mind’); and other places (such as the book trailers for the John Joseph Adams anthologies “Seeds of Change” and “Wastelands : Stories of the Apocalypse”).

He has been involved with the audio component of the major science fiction publication, Lightspeed Magazine, from its beginning. Starting April 2012, he became the host of the Lightspeed Magazine story podcast in April of 2012, and the podcast host for the horror publication, Nightmare Magazine, in October of 2012.

You can find a breakdown of projects that he has been involved with–as a writer, actor, audio tech, musician, coder, etc–on his website under ‘Various Work’.


  1. I hereby offer Amy a standing ovation for her celebration of Ann Radcliffe. You are absolutely correct to identify her as the exponent of _gothic expliquee_. I used to love teaching _The Italian_ alongside the deeply mad _The Monk_. And, naturally, waiting for students to get the Scooby Doo ancestry.

    I haven’t read anything from this new Adams anthology, but this episode’s short story sent me to my Kindle straight away. I enjoyed “Balm and Wound”‘s focus on the con man as narrator, and the shift from scam to reality. As with any con story, it was good to see the character toy with the edge of his game, trying to resist getting involved.
    Jack Kincaid read it brilliantly. *Just* the right voice: the huckster, the wise guy.